Lifeline Financial Freedom Solutions

Greenville, MS

A Message from the President and CEO

Ethel Cain Russell

I have been in Business for 25 plus years. Began my first business at age 19, an alterations and sewing shop. At age 20, I became a licensed Insurance Agent and at age 21 became a Tax Preparer. As an Entrepreneur I have met success and failure, but I never deterred from my path. I began to help many people find their niche and have always taken notice of the conditions of people and the environment around me and I want to use my knowledge to benefit the masses. I believe the key to my success is in helping others accomplish their dreams. Life holds a purpose for each of us. We each have a destiny and that destiny has led me to this point in my life. Success is a lifelong journey even when you find it, you must work to maintain it. I believe in Your potential and look forward to helping You achieve Your goals.

Lifeline Financial Services originated in 2004 with Ethel C. Russell, a native of the Mississippi Delta. Ethel began her company with the middle class in mind. Like herself, she realized that most middle class Americans were overworked, underpaid, and in desperate need of additional income. With that in mind, Ethel determined that these Americans could find success through a home-based business, which would allow them to generate additional income with minimum investments.

Lifeline Financial Services began as a referral-based Marketing Company that offered products and services on a commission basis. It took several years for Ethel to implement all of the tools necessary to make LFFS a success. It wasn't until 2010 when America saw a rush of economic decline that Ethel realized it was time to take LFFS to the next level. Americans everywhere were suffering Financial loss of homes, jobs and quality of life. Americans needed a plan B. ​

Lifeline Financial Services presently Lifeline Financial Freedom Solutions is YOUR PLAN B. The primary goal of LFFS is to educate and empower Individuals on how to earn income, increase their cashf low, minimize their expenses and taxes, eliminate debt and keep more of their hard-earned income in their wallets. ​

Lifeline Financial Freedom Solutions has the tools that allows You to invest more in your future and your retirement and We are training Individuals to successfully manage a prosperous business.

Working to Educate and Empower Individuals on how to increase their income and cash flow, minimize their expenses and taxes, eliminate debt, and see more of their 
hard-earned income in their kept in their households.


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