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Lifeline Financial Freedom Solutions is a Financial Education Training and Marketing Company that has started a Movement with the less fortunate in mind.  This business concept was designed for the millions of Americans who lack skills and broad education as well as those who have experienced unjust criminal backgrounds. Many individuals have been labeled unable to meet the requirements to earn money in the 21st century due to advancements in technology.

This revolutionary change will and has caused many American to lose their quality of life.  Many elderly, disabled, and under privileged Americans that have not been fortunate to have been trained or introduced to advance technology, lack the ability to keep pace, and is now on the verge of being left out and left behind in the work force. Computer literacy is no longer optional.  It is a necessary requirement for citizenship. That's why LFFS developed a Financial Educational Training Program and Income Opportunity that truly delivers the No One Left Behind clause that would allow all interested Individuals who meets the criteria to market our Products and Services to Businesses and Individuals.


This is one of the simplest business plans You will ever experience.

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With LFFS business concept, there will never be an easier way to grow your company or earn an income on a part-time or full time basis.

At Lifeline Financial Freedom Solutions our objective is to give our Clients and Associates a greater chance at achieving Financial Independence and success. We provide a Financial Education and Personal Development training that will inspire, encourage, help them earn money, save money, minimize their expenses and taxes and have additional monies for retirement. 

The professional training that we provide along with our affordable product; Lifeline MoneyTrac Management System makes it possible for the average person to start a new business or help someone to better manage their existing business.

 If you desire to change your life Financially You have the Power to Prosper with LFFS.  "IT'S YOUR TIME"

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